Week 5 – Independent Still Life Practice

For our week 5 photography workshop, our tutor asked our group to start taking still life photographs in our own time and come to this weeks workshop with three still life images that we like that most, which had been taken in our own time – this meant that we had to take photographs with our own objects, or any objects that we would be able to collect. When we actually went to the workshop, everyone in the group looked at all of the images that everyone had taken and we all explained what we liked about them and how they could be improved – this was beneficial as it enabled everyone to have their own point of view on the images and they were able to describe how they think they could be improved to ensure that the photographs could possibly appeal to multiple audiences. Due to the fact that I do not own very many interesting objects that could be photographed, I decided to ask people I knew if I could use some of their objects and this would enable me to construct some interesting still life images. All of the photographs I took were taken in my bedroom, where I did use external lighting to ensure that I could make the photographs look the way I wanted them to look and that they would have interesting and striking lighting that would appeal to the audience.

Here are the final 3 images I decided I liked the most:


Brush Perfume

When taking these photographs, I noticed that I had to take the images from multiple different angles to ensure that I got a shot of the objects from the best angles and that the photographs would turn out as well as possible. I personally like all of these images, but I know there are ways that I could improve them. When looking at it now, I can notice that some of the images may perhaps be a bit took dark – for example, I think the images with the flower could be brighter to make it stand out more, or even a different coloured backdrop could be used – however, in the image with the baseball glove, I like the lighting that has been used as I feel it is more intriguing for the audience to look at and essentially just blends all together to make the image itself look good. Except from the lighting and use of background colour, I think the rest of the elements in the photograph are good as they are all in focus and I think the composition has been thought out well. All in all, I think doing this task has again benefited me to ensure that I can get more practice with the camera and that I can see what is good when it comes to taking photographs and what is not as good – therefore, I now have a greater understanding on what I should include in my images and what I shouldn’t, but also how I should demonstrate them towards the audience.

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